How to install UDK on Windows Server

The UDK installer checks for the presence of a Shader Model 3 video card before proceeding with the installation. By default, this will cause the installation to fail on most servers since a video card is not present. However, you can bypass the video card check and successfully run the installer by installing DirectX and running the installer with the -progressonly argument.

How to build a UDK game without the installer

The official way to build a UDK game is to use the UnrealFrontend application to create an installer. However, it’s also possible to build a game into a zip archive, instead of an installer. This can be used, for example, to distribute the game with a custom installer, to package the game for releasing on a distribution platform like Steam, or to build the game using a continuous integration system.


Front panel switcher for GNOME Shell

GNOME Shell extension to toggle front panel audio output (e.g. headphone output) from the volume menu.

UDK data provider for Scaleform CLIK components

Scaleform CLIK components such as ScrollingList get their data from an IDataProvider. An IDataProvider represents a way to populate a component with data. The included IDataProvider implementation in Scaleform, DataProvider, gets its data from an array.